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Womens's Adventure Fitness Boot Camp in Springboro Ohio.

Adventure Fitness Trainer
Women's Only Boot Camp
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Women's Fitness Camp in Springboro
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Adventure Fitness Boot Camp Testimonials

Jennifer, thanks for all the encouragement. I am really enjoying this boot camp - probably a little more because I have a goal for 2 weeks from now, but also because I am already seeing results.  It's amazing.  I am seeing some definition on my arms, on my stomach (never seen before on this body) and, of course, the back muscles.  I am really excited that I have been able to do so much of the exercises (well some of them).  Anyway, look forward to tomorrow and definitely to a weekend off!


2 Thumbs Up from the Doctor...

"Twenty Days….that’s all it is.  I can do anything for twenty days!”   

When I started boot camp in June, I was looking for a way to jump-start my fitness for the summer.  My commitment to exercise had been lacking.  I was distracted by the commitments of life and I couldn’t find a place for exercise. Boot Camp sounded interesting but I had a huge obstacle to overcome.  I am NOT a  “morning person.” My husband and friends know better than to even look at me until I have had my coffee!!   I was a bit worried that 5:30 and I would not get along, but I decided to just try it anyway.  It was a twenty-day proposition….I committed to just twenty days.  

Well twenty days passed….and then another another twenty day camp, and now as I start my THIRD camp, I thought I’d write you and let you know what has kept this non-“morning person” coming back!

1.    This is the most EFFICIENT work-out I’ve found.  Upper body/lower body and cardio all in one shot.  No excuses here. You can’t get more done in this short of a time.

2.    The work-out is SAFE.  I come home sore, but not injured.  The work-out is well designed from day to day to work opposing muscle groups, and we’re encouraged to listen to our bodies and go at our own pace. As a doctor, this is crucial to me.  I love that there are alternatives and modifications for participants of all body types or for those who might be recovering from injury.  I could safely recommend this program to others.

3.    The results are FAST.  I am stronger, leaner, and faster.  I saw results in twenty days.  My body is far from perfect, but I am better than I was, and I continue to see improvements!  I am using weights I never thought I would. 

4.    The pace is great and it's FUN– we move quickly from one thing to the next.  My mind remains focused inward on what my body is doing.  I feel centered by the end of the hour, and all those nagging life-issues have been put away for a while.

5.    After a week off for vacationing, I now recognize that I FEEL better on the days when I exercise than when I don’t! 

I am a busy mom to four small children, and I am a family physician.  I know how important exercise is to a healthy lifestyle.  Thank you for helping me to put my knowledge into action.  Thank you for motivating me with your positive spirit, your humor, and your encouragement.

We are strong women – we can make it happen! Here’s to another twenty days!!

God Bless,

Dr. Rita Girard, MD

Hello Jennifer,

Just wanted to touch base and give you some exciting news for me.
I have not run in 6 years, since we adopted our first son.  Mind you, I was never a marathoner, but I did run 3 miles pretty regularly.  This is my second
bootcamp and one of my goals is to get back to running and maybe run a 1/2 marathon at the end of my first year of bootcamp. 

I have only done the cardio and running that we have in class, nothing extra.  Some girlfriends of mine have asked me to join their team in a 5K run for autism that takes place in April. I have been avoiding committing because I have been worried about being able to complete the distance.  On Easter Sunday my husband and I decided to just see how far I could actually run after my first 7 weeks in camp.  I ran (non-stop) a  whole 5K run with him. Granted, I am not super fast, but I DID IT!

I cannot tell you how proud I felt of that accomplishment.

Just to make sure it was not a fluke, I ran 3 miles again this morning.  So, needless to say, I have signed up for the 5K with my girlfriends and the prospect of the 1/2 marathon actually seems like a goal I can reach.

I am finding myself making all kinds of good choices while on vacation. (something new for me).  We had to eat seafood since we are in Florida and instead of "treating" myself to the fried shrimp I would normally have, I ate the ahi tuna and felt good about my choice and really enjoyed it.  Now, did I still have an ice cream with the boys later in the day?  Yes, but I could enjoy it because I had made so healthy choices the rest of the day.  So, perfect I am not, but I am making progress and I feel great about it.
Thanks for helping me get started on my journey.


This morning was a great start to boot camp.  I enjoyed how it kept moving and didn't allow you to get bored with one exercise.  Thanks!


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Just wanted to say "thanks" for all of the motivation that you give us each day! I am so happy about my time today, when I started boot camp last year I think it was like almost 14 minutes and to get 9:18 was just amazing to me...I have never been a runner or athletic before starting this… so I am just so excited..now I can't wait to shave some more time off that!!  Hope that you have a great weekend! Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.

Thanks, Trish

I am 43 with a VERY sedentary lifestyle. While I have always been a size 8 approximately, I knew that I was losing muscle from years of softball as a teenager and it was being replaced with fat explaining why my size has not changed much over the years. I play volleyball socially once a week for fun which is more for mental health than physical health. I get winded just crossing the street. Cardio has always been an issue for me. I joined a gym 10 years ago and worked out religiously for 3 months but it was mainly strength training, no cardio. I did notice a huge difference in strength but my cardio did not improve. FYI – my cardio is despicable because I detest being winded period. I joined this boot camp because I know my weaknesses. I also knew that I needed to go 5 days because I am a creature of habit. Skipping any day would quickly lead to missing scheduled days. Additionally, I wasn’t crazy about getting up at 4:30 when I normally get up at 11 am. But these are the reasons this camp has been successful for me:

Surprisingly I have not missed a day which is still shocking to me. The first week was a nightmare because of cardio but it is getting better as the weeks pass.

Most importantly is the design of the workouts. I have done strength training with no cardio but these workouts are designed to elevate the heart rate while strength training. In other words, I am getting cardio without ‘feeling’ like it is cardio. And lastly, no one is competing with another. We are all going at our own pace and not ‘criticized’ for not doing more. While the instructor is motivating, she is not a drill instructor. I should also mention that fellow campers are also very encouraging. It feels great NOT to be judged but as a part of a team so to speak.

While the scale still shows the same number – which is fine- I have noticed that my body looks more toned. My butt is higher ;) and my hips are narrower. I don’t look like a gym rat but my jeans fit differently and I am very happy with that. I also know that my heart is healthier. I haven’t changed my diet but I do find that I avoid ‘the second dinner roll’ because it occurs to me that it takes working out to burn those calories. So there have been subtle changes and as time goes on I will make other subtle changes. It is gradual and therefore habit forming.

So in closing, the time may be very early in the morning, but it was WELL worth every dime and every minute. I have already signed up for the next session. I am VERY proud of myself for investing in my physical as well as mental health.

Catonya L.

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I really am enjoying the boot camp.   I was so thrilled today that my run around the building was 40 seconds faster than Monday.  A small victory, but a victory none the less! Tomorrow I'll be even faster.  I have already debated signing up for next month.  I know from conversations over Crossroads coffee this morning several people love the class, not for the exercises but the great instructor we have.  You really know how to motivate me (and so did my body fat number yesterday!) 

Hope your having a great Wednesday!

Maribeth Grattan

I just had to write you a note to let you know how much I appreciate your program and how much it has meant to me.  

About six months ago, I cleaned my closet and packed up clothes that I never thought I would fit into again.  I considered donating them to Goodwill or Dress for Success but decided to put them in the attic "just in case" and so that I would not have a constant reminder of how much weight I had gained.  

Yesterday, I lead a training session in one of my favorite suits.  I had to wear a belt to hold my pants up!   This morning, I went to put on another pair of pants and realized that I looked like a clown.  They were swimming on me.   I went up to my attic and found that my "just in case" clothes fit!   They may not be in style anymore - but I could not be more proud to wear these pants.  

I am so excited!

Thanks for your help!


Just wanted to say that I think you do a great job with all of us.  As we near the end of our first week I have noticed a few good things in myself.  I could never jog more than a few yards before getting winded and having pain in my legs.  The first day was like that for me but I pushed a little past my windedness and discomfort before falling back to a fast walk.  The second day I pushed a little more before walking and I tried throwing in a short jog once in a while during my fast walking too.  Same thing Wednesday and today.  I may never reach the point where I can job continuously but I noticed it is taking longer for me to feel winded now as I mostly walk with little jogs here and there.  This pleases me.  I am aware of how weak I am in the upper body, especially my arms.  But I am happy that I can use the 5-lb. weights more easily with some of the exercises. With the standing dumb-bell kick-backs the 5 lbs. feels like a ton so I will bring my 3-lb. weights just for those types for now.  I feel good about how I am doing so far and I am not being too hard on myself.  I realize I haven't exercised in a challenging way for years and I am 53 years old too. 

 I stopped the Adkins diet the very night of your telephone seminar and I am eating the healthy foods in the quantities and the times that you recommended.  It's easy and probably the way God intended us to eat.  I am glad I signed up for your boot camp and it feels good knowing that I am becoming a little stronger and a lot healthier.  Thanks again Brian.  Have a wonderful day.         Michelle Wullkotte

Thanks for one of the best days of my life. I know it will reflect change. I had a ball at boot camp this morning!


Your Adventure Boot Camp program has been really awesome for me so far, I truly can not imagine what my results will be when we are finished, I have worked out for a long time and have never had this great of results. I really feel like I look pretty good, which is something you would seldom hear me say about myself. THANKS !!!!!"

Julie Hogan, Mother of 2 Young Children


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